reasons to cycle with us!

Be Healthy

A smashfest every Tuesday and Thursday does the body and mind wonders!

Be One of Us

By joining the Donny CG, you get to experience some outrageous moments with some of the best cyclists in the UK and beyond.

Feel Free

Immerse yourself into the CG and you’ll feel like you’re a proper rider. Learn the nuances and ways of the CG, listen to the Pros on...

Be Strong

Regular cycling helps you stay fit, healthy and hardy no matter what.

donny cg


Some of our favourite images from the many rides we’ve all done together.  Some fantastic memories, and plenty more to come both on Zwift and in the real world once we’re all back together.

our history

Donny Chain Gang

Donny is what locals call Doncaster, especially when talking among themselves. The Donny Chain Gang is a loose association of riders who meet, mainly on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  With Covid-19, that’s now Tuesdays and Thursdays, on Zwift.

Nowadays it’s made up of local pros, like Russell and Dean Downing formerly of NFTOGraham Briggs of Rapha-Condor-JLT and Madison-Genesis’s Tom Stewart, and a whole load of others who are on their way to their level, or dropping down from it. Anyone else who thinks they might be able to hang on long enough to get a good fast workout can join.

Same as it ever was

It’s been like that for, well, forever really. There have always been good racers in this area, like Wayne Randle, John Tanner and before them Tom ‘Ticker’ Mullins and more, and they’ve always done these fast-moving training sessions, right back, in fact, to the days of Tom Simpson.