The DCG Gang is how we can reward you for supporting us and helping us continue improving whilst still ensuring that the Donny Chaingang rides are kept FEE FREE and the shows are viewable FREE from a paywall imposed by us!

Joining The DCG Gang gives you all this & more:

  • Access to unique giveaways
  • Exclusive The DCG Gang promotions & discount codes from our contacts & supporters in cycling
  • Next level opportunities to access riders and celebrities in cycling
  • Every link to on line Donny Chaingang Zwift events emailed directly to you your inbox as soon as they are available.

You can join for a calendar month or for the whole of 2021 and of course there is a discount for the whole year!

Each calendar month costs £20 or join for the year for £200

Please click to join The DCG Gang for 2021 FULL YEAR PASS, or for a calendar month MONTHLY PASSES.