We ride Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm UK time.  Details of the ride are posted on this site – you can find more information about us on our Facebook page.

We welcome riders of all standards and we often run a couple of groups per ride (after the initial opening 5km or so), a faster ride for people wishing to improve their riding and a slower more social ride for those wanting a more leisurely pace.  Subgroups often form naturally so don’t worry about getting dropped.

Please introduce yourself when you first turn up on FB and if you are less used to riding in a group we will be happy to share some tips and safety rules to help you make the most of the ride 😉 (oh, that’s the real life one).

We do insist that you wear a helmet when you ride with us IRL but not on Zwift!

We look forward to you joining us !!